I am a wife and a full-time mommy.  I kiss boo boos, serve three meals a day, make snacks, do dishes, get stains out of shirts, clean up blocks and dabble in the blog world.  I love chap stick, pajama pants, hot tea, a freshly made bed with clean sheets, sparkling water, a gorgeous sunny day, S’mores on a Friday night around the fire, anything with technology, pepperoni and pineapple pizza and the color green. Prior to becoming a stay at home mom, I worked for eleven years as an Application Manager for a Fortune 500 company.  When I was handed my job offer as a senior in college, at a company in my home town, I was thrilled.  It felt like a lifelong dream was coming true.  I had worked my butt off in school and it was all becoming worth it.  I settled into my job and life was awesome.  I lived with my lovely parents for the first 4 years after college.  I was able to save money and enjoy time with my them as I tiptoed into the ‘real world’.  I loved my job and getting up each day to help create, test and troubleshoot applications and programs for our company.  The people I worked with were driven, highly motivated and so smart!  The technical world holds a little place in my heart that I will never let go of.

One day shy of my 4 year anniversary at work, I bought my very first house.  The house is just a few streets away from my parents in the community I grew up in.  It was a perfect, gorgeous, fixer upper that I couldn’t wait to make my own.  I am fairly certain that most people thought I was crazy to buy a house in suburbia as a single girl, but it was just what I wanted.  I could only hope that someday it would become the house that I lived in with my husband and where we would raise our family. As luck or fate would have it, just six months later a longtime great friend and I would share a first kiss that ended up being our last, first kiss.  Chris and I both grew up in the same small town and our parents live just streets from each other.  We had been friends for over 10 years and had always remained close.  We knew a lot about each other thanks to the world of AIM and Google Chat which we would communicate on frequently as we lived in different cities through college and jobs.  I can’t say that our ‘just friends’ status was entirely mutual during those 10 years.

Chris tried MANY times to get me to go on a date and was not shy to share his affection for me.  I was always nervous to agree and was never ready to take the friendship risk and see if a relationship would work.  He loves to remind me that he always knew we would be perfect together and that he had to wear me down.  After our first kiss, things just fell into place and he was right, we were meant to be!

Chris and I got married in April of 2015.  It was the best day!  My favorite part was sitting in church as I held hands with my new husband and looked out at our very closest family and friends all there to celebrate the day with us.  Chris is my perfect other half and the most relaxed, sweet, encouraging and kind person you will meet.

He makes me smile every single day and is my partner in crime as we go through this crazy life together!  Fast forward two years and our gorgeous daughter, Allison, came into our world.  Chris and I knew that having a family was a huge priority for each of us and we prayed that kids would be part of our story.  We both have a love for children and spent many days of our youth working at children’s camps, teaching swim lessons, coaching youth baseball and working as a lifeguard at the community pool.  The road to meet Allison was a bit longer than expected (I’ll share more about this in a separate post) but the many doctor appointments, blood draws, procedures and prayers that go along with infertility were more than worth it!

I had planned on taking a year of maternity leave with our daughter and then return to work.  As the months began to fly by and returning to work was getting closer, we both knew that a change in careers was imminent for me.  Chris and I spent many nights talking about the pros and cons of me returning to work vs staying at home with Allison.  

I don’t think there is a ‘right’ decision as there are so many rock star Moms and Dads out there killing it in the professional world and raising awesome families.  We had to make the best decision for our family and concluded that I would not return to work.  My feelings during this time were incredibly mixed.  I was definitely trading one lifelong dream for another.  My life in the professional world was coming to an end for now and my life as a mommy was just beginning.

Two years and a few months later our second baby, Tyler was born. I can’t explain the excitement when Chris said “it’s a BOY” just seconds after he was born. One boy, one girl, just perfect. Our cozy little family of 4 is now almost a year old and we couldn’t be happier.

As I jump into the blog world with this new adventure, my heart is happy.  After being at home for a few years LOVING life with Allison and Tyler a piece of me was longing for something a little bit more.  To be very honest, I was scrolling through Pinterest one day and came across a pin about starting a ‘mommy blog’ and I was intrigued.  My knowledge of blogging was very limited when I started and I used to think a mom blog was simply a place where people shared their personal events for others to read and enjoy.  As I dug further my eyes were opened to the awesome world of blogging to HELP others learn and grow.  The idea of sharing a few tidbits of my knowledge on all things family and organizing with a few recipes thrown in there makes me SO excited.  I have found a way to marry both my love for being a mom with a little bit of the technical world I enjoy so much.  With all things I know that I will grow as time goes on and topics may evolve.  I hope you will join me for this ride!